BioAfriq Energy


About Us

BioAfriq Energy Limited is a Kenyan social enterprise that provides clean and affordable energy solutions for cooking, heating and dehydrating farm produce. The company also recycles biomass waste to manufacture carbon neutral biomass pellets that are used as fuel in its pellet fired solutions. Our products are suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, farmers, hospitals, slaughterhouses, agricultural processing firms and micro-industries where heat is required.

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Our Vision

To be the most impactful company that offers affordable biomass energy solutions that reduce energy costs, offer a clean working environment, reduce green house gas emissions, save on time and resources while creating employment opportunities.

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Our Pellet Brand

Our brand stands out for quality and uniqueness of our biomass pellets which are 100% natural with low ash content and high heat value.

Our Core Values

The core values that weave us together as a team are: Innovation, Efficiency, Respect, Environmentalism, Reliability and Commitment

Our Products

Institutional Pellet Fired/ Gasifier Stoves – ideal for in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, schools and hotels. They are very efficient and give savings of up to 50% on time and cost of energy.

Food Dehydrators/ Dryers – used for drying farm produce (vegetables and fruits). They are very efficient and fully automated. These are best suited for agri-processing of fruits and vegetables where the produce needs to be dried.

Industrial Pellet fired burners – produce heat necessary for industrial or processing plants/ processes that require heat. They are fully automated and best suited for micro-industries in manufacturing, slaughterhouses and agricultural processing plants that need heat other than for drying produce.

Biomass Pellets – made from recycling waste biomass. Our biomass pellets are very affordable, burn longer, used with our burners and stoves are smokeless, are clean to handle, human and environment friendly and 100% natural. Our biomass pellets are branded AFRIPELL.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The companies activities are aligned to contribute towards attainment of SDGs 2, 7,8,13 & 15