BioAfriq Energy


Dehydration Equipment

We have high efficient and reliable dehydrating equipment for drying a variety of farm produce (vegetables and fruits). The equipment are pellet fired and fully automated with digital temperature control. Pellet feeding is also fully automated and the user only sets the desired feeding rate using the Nishant pellet burner. The design and fabrication of the equipment is done by BioAfriq Energy customized to the customers specific needs. Drying of farm produce can now be carried out conveniently and within hours using our dehydration solutions.

Institutional pellet fired cook stove (Gasifier Stove)

This is a high efficient pellet fired (Earth Stove) for institutions with automatic pellet feeding system and flame and temperature regulation mechanism. Institutions realize up to 50% savings on time and money (that means using less fuel and cooking faster). The solution is 'smokeless' giving clean walls and reducing health issues brought about by inhaling smoke. This cook stove is suitable for schools, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and hospitals. It can be used with different sizes of cook pots (sufurias) hence no need to invest in several cook stoves for different sizes of cook pots.

Industrial pellet fired (ES4D) burners

These are used in agricultural processing firms and micro-industries that require heat for their processes. They are fully automated with temperature control and pellet feeding and are very efficient.

Biomass Pellets (AFRIPELL)

BioAfriq Energy recycles waste biomass to manufacture carbon neutral biomass pellets. Only non-fodder biomass waste is used. Our pellet brand name is AFRIPELL. The pellets have very high heat value, are easy and clean to handle, are 100% natural and very much affordable. Burned in gasifier/ pellet stoves they are 'smokeless', easy to ignite and burn for long.